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About Petrovskaya Bar Association

Saint-Petersburg Petrovskaya Bar Association was established under Federal Law of the Russian Federation Ön advocacy and legal practice in the Russian Federation by legal practitioners specializing in succession law, real estate transactions and housing and public utilities sector. The Association is chaired by Peter Pursiaynen who combines current day-to-day management of the association with legal practice.

Saint-Petesrburg Petrovskaya Bar Association was registered by the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation in Saint-Petersburg and Saint-Petersburg Bar association, and is authorized to conduct legal practice.

Saint-Petersburg Petrovskaya Bar Association members abide by the Rules of professional legal ethics.

All information disclosed to us by our clients is client-attorney privilege and cannot be disclosed to any third parties without prior approval by client.

We look forward to serving you.

For any questions regarding our services please contact us at  +7 (812) 309-78-14.

Should you have any questions, comments or business proposals regarding our Association, please contact me directly by phone at +7 (812) 934-86-25 or e-mail:

Peter Pursiaynen,
Saint-Petersburg Petrovskaya Bar Association

Peter Pursiaynen
Born in Leningrad in 1975. He started his career as Saint-Petersburg District Prosecutor's Office investigator, then worked as senior investigator at Saint-Petersburg Prosecutor's Office Board for Major Case Investigation, legal advisor of a deputy of Saint-Petersburg Legislative Assembly, employee of local government institutions, head of municipality and director of a law firm. Currently is member of Saint-Petersburg City Bar Association and Chairperson of Saint-Petersburg Petrovskaya Bar Association. Participant of Saint-Petersburg Annual International Legal Forum (

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Client-attorney privilege

One of the major differences of legal practice conducted by business entities in the area of succession law, real estate transactions and housing and public utilities sector consists in higher degree of attorney liability to the client and the right to hold confidential from third parties any information disclosed by client, regardless of the circumstances.

Such right is stipulated in article 8 of Federal Law of the Russian Federation On advocacy and legal practice in the Russian Federation, whereby any information related to legal assistance provided by attorney to client is client-attorney privilege. Attorney may not be summoned as witness with regard to the facts disclosed to him or her in connection with requests for legal assistance or providing such assistance.

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